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High Quality Organic Apples and Pears from Jerzy Boyz Farm 

new Apple Blossom in spring
“In 1989, we purchased a piece of virgin land a few miles north of Lake Chelan in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, overlooking the Columbia River in the great Pacific Northwestern USA.”

~the family that started Jerzy Boyz Farm tells of their beginnings as organic orchardists

Our 2001 GiftBox Label version by T.W.Oldfield

Jerzy Boyz Farm is a 5 acre orchard, certified organic and primarily made up of a variety or pear and apple trees.  Our family-owned farm is located in North Central Washington (the state) on what was virgin land until we began building the soil specifically for this purpose since 1989. 

Our good fortune in landing here in the Pacific Northwest region of these United States of America allows us to be farming in what is historically one of the premier tree fruit growing areas in the world, and more recently proven optimal wine grape areas of the world too. 

We are long-time long-term patrons and practitioners of organic standards — we practice simple, old fashioned, hands-on methods starting with organic composting and building of the soil and use of low-mechanization procedures in this SMALL-scale operation using low inputs to keep-it-simple wherever possible to maintain a healthy life cycle of both the farmers and the natural organically farmed fresh fruits we provide each year.
Why “Jerzy Boyz” in the farm title…?  We came west from New Jersey in 1979, and having worked in orchards for years, we were bent on producing the even healthier, tastier organically grown produce that was still a rarity to find at the time.  However, with your informed support of our efforts and the efforts of others providing tasty, healthy local options right here in our own country, things changed for our family and yours  And with further informed choices being exercised, we are turning things around for our families.  

Our kids grew up in this healthier environment and have gone on to create their own preferences for a preferred world.  We feel good about that decision to consciously choose to  raise our kids with healthier choices is having its effect on others outwardly.

Where has this attitude and direction lead us…?  Jerzy Boyz Farm has been labeled the #1 organic apple grower by all of our buyers for the last several years. 

Our philosophy…?  We believe that extraordinary tasting apples come from customized composts, mineral applications, and foliar feedings; that crunchy and crisp apples (apples with great “pressures”) come from multiple, carefully timed, maturity-driven pickings; and that great color comes from multiple prunings and pickings, as well as lots and lots of loving and special care for every piece of fruit in our fields.  We finish our job by packing all of our fruit ourselves, by hand, right here on the farm, where we can watch each and every apple go into the box.

Yes, we have been pioneers in the movement away from toxic agriculture.  And you have been a huge part of that!!!

We are heartened that less chemical spraying is going on in our valley while our local community’s children wait at their bus stops; we are hopeful that the “new” organic growers will “buy organic” and join the broader aim towards a cleaner planet. After all, it isn’t so much that we are “saving the planet” .. the Earth could shake us off like fleas .. it is about saving ourselves by respecting the Earth by understanding that what we put out comes back to us, literally.

As we watch corporate agriculture dilute the meaning of the word “organic”, and the domestic apple market flooding with imported fruit grown under inconsistent standards, we wonder: will we be able to continue to farm and maintain our high standards on the production of this wholesome and clean, American-produced, outstandingly tasty, highly nutritious, fabulously crunchy, maturity picked crop of apples?

There is one way you can have a better idea of how the produce you eat is truly is grown within the conditions you prefer, buy from the “little guy” willing to allow you visit and inspect their processes for yourself! 

It’s up to you … please be good to yourself and support the little guy who cares.

Support organically grown, by local Americans.  Buy Jerzy Boyz fruit!

Would you like a quick visit via Virtual Tour of our farm from the wild land above us?

During the summer of 2013, asked if they could send one of their spherical panoramic photographers, T.W.Oldfield (a local fellow we’ve known for a few decades already), to hike up the hill overlooking our most northern orchard and capture the farm and nearby areas from the virgin BLM land/hills above us. It especially looks cool on tablets (like iPads) and smartphones where the gyro orientation action kicks in.

See About Us>, Jerzy Boyz Farm in the News!>, visits Jerzy Boyz Farm>, or simply Click Here.

The Bureau of Land Management preserves that area north of us as a natural wildlife reserve for our indigenous critters  .. coyotes, rattlesnakes, etcetera .. which do a great service in helping us keep potential pests under control.

Read more about us and our Jerzy Boyz Farm by checking out articles which featured or focused on our orchard, such as those found in the Good Fruit Grower magazine or Homes and Gardens magazine.

Click on About Us on the page-top menu, then choose Jerzy Boyz Farm in the News!, and finally, whichever bit of news you’d enjoy seeing first.

Thank you for supporting small organic farms,
Wynne & Scotty


Scotty smiling

Scotty says, “What folks want is a crisp apple!”

“What folks want is a crisp apple!”

- Scott Beaton with organic apples in photo